Mentor Spotlight: Where Is Eddie Now?

Eddie smiling for a photo with his service dog beside him.

By June Converse. In last week’s post, we introduced you to Eddie Martinez. Eddie’s desire and willingness to learn the unicycle was one of the first steps in Lauren’s journey to develop Camp Abilities. Eddie represented everything Camp Abilities would eventually encompass — ability not disability; challenging ourselves and our children; finding a way instead … Read more

Mentor Spotlight: Eddie Martinez

Eddie and Lauren standing next to each other. Eddie is holding Lauren's hand while she signs.

By Lauren Lieberman. Can a Student Who Is Deafblind Learn to Ride a Unicycle? When I started to tell my story, I began, as we all would, at the beginning. I was born in East Goshen, PA. I was the second oldest of four. A nice home in a nice community with a nice family. … Read more