Issues and Education: “Let ‘Em Crash”

An athlete is hovering over the pool water after a jump of the diving board. She is wearing goggles and plugging her nose, preparing to land in the water. There are other athletes and coaches in the water. There is a lifeguard sitting in the lifeguard chair in the background.

By June Converse. Not Really Getting It I’ve been blessed to work with many people in the Camp Abilities World — writing these blogs and participating in a variety of other projects. Along the way, I’ve spoken with many campers, counselors, coaches. I’ve interviewed people who inspired Lauren to start and continue this camp. Parents. … Read more

Issues and Education: Universal Design is an ATTITUDE

Raveena is posing in front of a puppet. She is wearing a tshirt that says "Lead Don't Follow".

By June Converse. Assume People Can “Be conscious of your bias and try to correct them before they become judgments.” ~ Raveena, age 14 Recently we posted an article about Universal Design. As we always like to do, this article takes Universal Design off the page and into the classroom. While interviewing Jessica, Stacy and … Read more

Issues and Education: Universal Design

An athlete is leaning against a metal bowling ramp looking down towards the bowling pins. His coach is standing behind him also looking straight ahead down the lane towards the bowling pins.

By June Converse. When I was in middle and high school, I did not enjoy volleyball. I used to find excuses to get out of playing. But I assure you, if someone had told me I wasn’t allowed to play, I would have been outraged. While I know there are obstacles to letting everyone participate, … Read more

Issues and Education: Dignity of Risk

Athlete balancing on a red surf board in the water while his coach holds the board from one end. Athlete is wearing a life jacket and has both arms straight out to help him balance on the board.

By June Converse. What is the riskiest thing you’ve ever done? Scuba diving? Skydiving? Driving on the highway in a large city? Choosing one job over another? In the Universal Design blog, I used the term “dignity of risk”. While intuitively I knew what the term meant, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding. The … Read more