Camp Abilities Maryland Logo. Yellow background with blue strip vertically and horizontal blue strip toward the top. Circle of hands in white at the top left corner and 5 squares with different sports in them. Goalball, judo, soccer, swimming, and track & field represented in sports. Text in logo is The Maryaldn School for the Blind, Camp Abilities, Sports Education Camp Since 2007, and For Athletes Who are Blind or Visually Impaired.Camp Abilities Dates: June 23rd – June 27th, 2024

Camp Abilities at Lions Club Camp Merrick Dates: June 23rd – June 27th, 2024

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Director: Tim Taylor

Contact Information: [email protected]


Sports/Activities Offered: Goalball, Judy, Soccer, Swimming, Track & Field, and more.

Social Media: Facebook – The Maryland School for the Blind’s Camp Abilities


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