Lily Jagodzinski

Lily has been volunteering with Camp Abilities since 2013 and is currently working as an Education & Training Specialist with a non-profit organization known as Kids Included Together (KIT). Lily has worked as a one-on-one coach, sports specialist, graduate assistant who helps plan Camp Abilities Brockport, and works on the Grants and Public Relations Committee with Camp Abilities World. Lily has a Master’s degree for Adapted Physical Education, Bachelor’s Degree for Physical Education Teacher Education, and is a nationally certified Adapted Physical Education teacher (APENS certified). With 14+ years of experience working with children and adults with disabilities, Lily is passionate about helping everyone feel included in and out community programming. To contact Lily, please email her at [email protected].

Camps Attended: Camp Abilities Brockport, Camp Abilities Oregon, Camp Abilities Texas

Camp Abilities Brockport Green GLily holding an athlete in a handstand in greyscale. Athlete has their feet against the mirror and Lily is holding them upright by the waist.Group photo of athletes and coaches riding the 7-person bike at Camp Abilities Texas in greyscale.