Alex Stribing

Dr. Alexandra Stribing, PhD, is an assistant professor at Kean University in Health and Physical Education. Her service initiatives focus on developing inclusive and empowering programs for youth with disabilities. She is the current director of the Cougars C.L.I.M.B. Adapted Physical Education program and Camp Abilities Field of Dreams. Dr. Stribing’s research efforts concentrate on motor development, physical activity, and health attributes of youth populations (a) with and without disabilities and/or (b) from disadvantaged settings. Specifically, her current research focuses on perceptual influences on actual motor competence in youth with visual impairments. Dr. Stribing has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals such as British Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, Journal of Motor Learning and Development, and Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly.

Camps Attended: Camp Abilities Brockport, Camp Abilities Saratoga, Camp Abilities Delaware, Camp Abilities Boston, Camp Abilities Texas, Camp Abilities New Jersey @ Field of Dreams

Alex teaching an athlete how to put in golf in greyscale. Alex is wearing short sleeves, shorts, and sunglasses looking at the ball. Athlete standing next to her is holding a putter and wearing a sun hat blocking their face.Alex squatting down and posing next to a standing male athlete. Alex and the athlete are both wearing sunglasses, medals around their necks, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt.Alex running next to a male athlete on the track in greyscale. Photo taken as they began to run off the start line where both heads are ducked and arms are extended back to begin running.