Maria Lepore-Stevens

Board of Directors President & serves on the Advocacy & Outreach Committee

Maria Lepore-Stevens is an assistant professor of health and physical education at Rowan University. She is dual certified as a Certified Adapted Physical Educator (CAPE) and Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist (COMS), and worked as a COMS in Delaware and Pennsylvania prior to her time at Rowan University. Maria spends her summers directing Camp Abilities programs in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Arizona. Maria’s current research interests include increasing access to health education for students with disabilities and examining summer camps as places of belonging for youth with visual impairments.  

Camps Attended: Camp Abilities PA @ WCU, Camp Abilities Delaware, Camp Abilities Tucson, Camp Abilities NJ @ Rowan University, Camp Abilities Brockport, Camp Abilities Florida @ FGCU, Camp Abilities Alaska, Camp Abilities Olympia, Camp Abilities Saratoga, Camp Abilities Four Corners, Camp Abilities NJ @ Field of Dreams, Camp Abilities Long Island
Maria working with an athlete in golf. Maria holding her arms open to show the distance of the ball to the athlete who is standing next to her holding a golf driver. Photo is greyscale. Maria bending down and dancing with an athlete. Athlete is wearing an oversized shirt and baseball cap and Maria is holding both of the athlete's hands and smiling. Photo in greyscale. Maria running next to an athlete on the track smiling. Athlete is waering short sleeve shirt  and shorts looking off to the right. Maria wearing a short-sleeve shirt and shorts smiling running forward. Phot in greyscale.