Coach Spotlight: Brian Kulaga

By June Converse. The Five Qualities of a Coach One of the most unique – and I think the best – elements of Camp Abilities is the one-on-one coach-to-athlete relationship. Every athlete is paired with a coach, and it is that coach who inspires and challenges, believes and encourages, prepares and participates. You’ve likely noticed … Read more

Legacy Spotlight: Terry Kelly (PART 2)

By June Converse. Our last blog introduced you to Terry Kelly and while I’m sure I did not do him justice, I hope you were able to sense the sincerity in his heart, his belief in the individual’s ability (and responsibility) to take the blinders off – to stop being Mind Blind. As he told … Read more

Legacy Spotlight: Terry Kelly (PART 1)

By June Converse.  Terry Kelly wrote “The Power of the Dream” and before I write about that journey and the song’s impact, it’s important to know who Terry Kelly is – to truly know the man behind the lyrics.  Terry’s personality and outlook are exhilarating but it’s his soul that shines and it’s that soul … Read more

Director Spotlight: Ursula Barrett, Camp Abilities Ireland

By June Converse.  Ursula Barrett’s entire professional life has focused on providing recreation and sports to the citizens of Ireland. Currently, she is in her 15th year as a lecturer in the Health and Leisure Program at Munster Technological University. She and her colleagues opened their first Camp Abilities in 2010 and have not missed … Read more

Fulbright Global Scholarship: Ireland

Camp Abilities Ireland Group Shot

By Lauren Lieberman.  After a whirlwind trip to Ghana, and four days at home, I set off for Ireland. Ghana is extremely hot and dry. Ireland is cool and wet. Ghana is also new to the world of Camp Abilities. Ireland has held a Camp Abilities for each of the last ten years. My goal, … Read more

The Fulbright Global Scholarship Program

By Lauren Lieberman. One of the best aspects of Camp Abilities is the encouragement and validation we are able to give our campers. Each of the counselors believes – firmly believes – in the ability of each child.  We know that sometimes a child needs a dose of encouragement, a validation of our belief and … Read more

Issues and Education: Watch Our Campers Learn to Self-Advocate!!

By June Converse. “I learned a long time ago the wisest thing I can do is be on my own side, be an advocate for myself and others like me.” ~ Maya Angelou   I HOPE, I CAN, I WILL: The Self-Advocacy Program Everyone – literally everyone – agrees that being able to be your … Read more

Issues and Education: “Let ‘Em Crash”

By June Converse. Not Really Getting It I’ve been blessed to work with many people in the Camp Abilities World — writing these blogs and participating in a variety of other projects. Along the way, I’ve spoken with many campers, counselors, coaches. I’ve interviewed people who inspired Lauren to start and continue this camp. Parents. … Read more

Issues and Education: Universal Design is an ATTITUDE

By June Converse. Assume People Can “Be conscious of your bias and try to correct them before they become judgments.” ~ Raveena, age 14 Recently we posted an article about Universal Design. As we always like to do, this article takes Universal Design off the page and into the classroom. While interviewing Jessica, Stacy and … Read more

Issues and Education: Universal Design

blind child bowling

By June Converse. When I was in middle and high school, I did not enjoy volleyball. I used to find excuses to get out of playing. But I assure you, if someone had told me I wasn’t allowed to play, I would have been outraged. While I know there are obstacles to letting everyone participate, … Read more

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