The Camp Abilities Story

By Lauren Lieberman.

My book The Camp Abilities Story is available!

In 2009 I was sitting on a ferry in Alaska while on vacation. Those of you who know me will not be surprised to learn I started a conversation with complete strangers. They asked me questions about my life and when I talked about camp, their curiosity deepened as they heard about the athletes and the sports and the success stories.

After a few hours, I realized I had only touched the surface of all we have accomplished and all we still have to do. As they intently listened to me, their eyes filled with joy and with tears. The woman leaned closer and said, “You know, this should be a movie.” After hesitating a moment, she added “But I think you should start with a book.”

After I got over the shock of her suggestion, I decided to grab all my free minutes in airports and between meetings and start writing all the stories down. As the experiences and stories over 25 years unfolded during a decade of writing, I finally have a book!

The couple suggested I write MY story.  But MY story is YOUR story and OUR story and THEIR story. I once just dreamed of writing a book about Camp Abilities. And now 10 years later, it’s published! 

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