Fulbright Global Scholarship: Ghana

By Lauren Lieberman. Ghana: Where Are The Kids? Accra, Ghana: August 2019 Having been awarded the US State Department’s Fulbright Global Scholar Award, I began my journey in Ghana. After a trip of over five thousand miles, I arrived in Accra on August 9, 2019. What you notice first is the heat, a wet blanket … Read more

Issues and Education: 19 Ways to Step Back by Laurel J. Hudson, PhD

By June Converse. If you follow this blog, you might remember reading an article titled Let ‘Em Crash where I realized just how much I had to learn. Shortly after I returned home from my first Camp Abilities, I received an article titled “19 Ways to Step Back”. The article is geared toward teachers but … Read more

The Camp Abilities Story

By Lauren Lieberman. My book The Camp Abilities Story is available! In 2009 I was sitting on a ferry in Alaska while on vacation. Those of you who know me will not be surprised to learn I started a conversation with complete strangers. They asked me questions about my life and when I talked about camp, their … Read more

Coach Spotlight: Brian Kulaga

By June Converse. The Five Qualities of a Coach One of the most unique – and I think the best – elements of Camp Abilities is the one-on-one coach-to-athlete relationship. Every athlete is paired with a coach, and it is that coach who inspires and challenges, believes and encourages, prepares and participates. You’ve likely noticed … Read more

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