The Camp Abilities Story: Dad, Can I Have a Unicycle?

Dr. Lauren Lieberman wearing a colorful clown suit and hat while riding a unicycle on the pavement. Grass and trees are behind her in the background.

By Lauren Lieberman.    The following excerpt is taken from Chapter 1 of The Camp Abilities Story.    My dad spoke affectionately but firmly. “If you don’t learn how to ride this,  I am taking it back to the store.”  That was all the motivation I needed, after begging him for a chance  to ride … Read more

The Camp Abilities Story: Introduction to Adapting.

Dr. Lauren Lieberman with her sister, dad, and two brothers standing in front of a happy birthday pop Stan banner, smiling at the camera with arms around each other.

By Lauren Lieberman.    The following excerpt is taken from Chapter 1 of The Camp Abilities Story.    Just as sports started early with me, so did adapting, although I never called  it that. It was just normal family life. My older sister Ann had a beautiful  head of brown curly hair and was way … Read more

The Camp Abilities Story: My Aha Moment.

Black and white photo of Dr. Lieberman and colleague cross country skiing. Poles in both hands. Fence and woods in the background.

By Lauren Lieberman.    The following excerpt is taken from the Prologue of The Camp Abilities Story.    It was my senior year at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, and I was volunteering in the Visually Impaired Person (VIP) program run by Professor Jack Wintermute—“Happy Jack,” as we called him, because he so clearly loved … Read more

Fulbright Global Scholarship: Brazil

Blue sky and green trees in background. Climbing instructor standing wearing safety gear at top of climbing wall. Athlete wearing helmet and harness. Feet against climbing wall, half way to top.

By Lauren Lieberman.  Brazil was the perfect location for the third and final leg of my three-month Fulbright journey. We had already made worthwhile contributions in Ghana and Ireland. I had no doubt we’d have great success in Brazil. I had long-term relationships there and knew the country to have an excellent infrastructure in Adapted … Read more

Fulbright Global Scholarship: Ghana

Athlete running on grass while holding guide wire. A few spectators in the distance seated in front of a blue building.

By Lauren Lieberman. Ghana: Where Are The Kids? Accra, Ghana: August 2019 Having been awarded the US State Department’s Fulbright Global Scholar Award, I began my journey in Ghana. After a trip of over five thousand miles, I arrived in Accra on August 9, 2019. What you notice first is the heat, a wet blanket … Read more

Issues and Education: 19 Ways to Step Back by Laurel J. Hudson, PhD

Athlete mid-way up climbing wall. Hands and feet are resting on colorful steps. Athlete is wearing a climbing hardness and helmet.

By June Converse. If you follow this blog, you might remember reading an article titled Let ‘Em Crash where I realized just how much I had to learn. Shortly after I returned home from my first Camp Abilities, I received an article titled “19 Ways to Step Back”. The article is geared toward teachers but … Read more

The Camp Abilities Story

The cover of Lauren's book that reads, The Camp Abilities Story The Global Evolution of Sports Camps for Children Who Are Visually Impaired. An athlete and coach running together with a tether.

By Lauren Lieberman. My book The Camp Abilities Story is available! In 2009 I was sitting on a ferry in Alaska while on vacation. Those of you who know me will not be surprised to learn I started a conversation with complete strangers. They asked me questions about my life and when I talked about camp, their … Read more

Coach Spotlight: Brian Kulaga

Coach Brian smiling looking up at the sky with palms facing up. Bright blue sky in the background.

By June Converse. The Five Qualities of a Coach One of the most unique – and I think the best – elements of Camp Abilities is the one-on-one coach-to-athlete relationship. Every athlete is paired with a coach, and it is that coach who inspires and challenges, believes and encourages, prepares and participates. You’ve likely noticed … Read more

Fulbright Global Scholarship: Ireland

Camp Abilities Ireland Group Photo. Athletes and coaches are waving their hands in the air. The front row is holding a sign that says camp abilities.

By Lauren Lieberman.  After a whirlwind trip to Ghana, and four days at home, I set off for Ireland. Ghana is extremely hot and dry. Ireland is cool and wet. Ghana is also new to the world of Camp Abilities. Ireland has held a Camp Abilities for each of the last ten years. My goal, … Read more

The Fulbright Global Scholarship Program

Lauren and two others laying on their stomachs at the top of a large rock. There are green mountains and trees extending far into the distance behind them. They are all wearing rock climbing gears including helmets.

By Lauren Lieberman. One of the best aspects of Camp Abilities is the encouragement and validation we are able to give our campers. Each of the counselors believes – firmly believes – in the ability of each child.  We know that sometimes a child needs a dose of encouragement, a validation of our belief and … Read more